Lyrically Rap Enters the NFT Market with “On the Rise” – A 7 Card Set featuring top talent in the hip hop game

Have you heard about this new NFT market? Do you understand it? We kind of do, and we know its something that has been trending in recent months. We figured we may as well learn a little bit about it and try to join in on the rush. There’s a funny video SNL made, parodying Eminem, with cast members and Jack Harlow. I thought it was pretty funny and kind of breaks down what all this NFT thing is. Check it in the video below.

If you’ve been following along with us, you may have notice we make some of our own graphics from time to time. One of those graphic ideas were Rap Trading cards in connection to our Label Manager fantasy league we experimenting with. We later heard about NFTs, and thought, “Hey, those cards may find some interest on the market.”

So, I did some googling and found out that is the top market for selling and buying NFTs. It took a couple more steps, like setting up a wallet and then paying a crazy ass GAS fee, but I got through it, and was able to list the cards we made.

I created a card deck of 7 cards called, “On the Rise”. The deck includes hip hop rappers Jarren Benton, Ekoh, Vin Jay, Odd Squad Family, Buggie, Versvs, & Durand the Rapper. Click the link to see the complete series on the Opensea marketplace. Or just browse the market and get a feel for what’s being bought and sold on there. You may be really surprised. I know I was.

Below you’ll find a list of each of the seven cards and a link to their Opensea page.

Vin Jay

Jarren Benton


Odd Squad Family


Durand the Rapper


Hope everyone likes the cards and this little trip into NFT pays out. Spread the word that your favorite rappers are now NFTs by sharing the link to this story to your friends. Thank you for reading.


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