Lyrically Rap’s Fav5 Latest Releases

Entry 2 of our new feature, Fav5, where we like to promote Five of our Favorite new lyrical rap songs. We love sharing all types of lyrical rap music, from the local upcoming artist to the living legends. We may not capture every great release out there, but we hope what we do share is a sound that’s fresh to you. New quality music from quality people.

This entry is an interesting one, with a lot of dimensions and connections between the artists. Artists in different stages of their careers, that have worked together, or have plans to work with each other in the future. We also feature some artists we’ve just recently stumbled upon, and luckily they’re already putting out new stuff! So, without further ado, here’s some of our favorites from the last couple weeks.

Futuristic x Ekoh x Jarren Benton – Skid Row

Fururistic, Ekoh, and Jarren Benton. I’m hearing these names a lot lately, and I would have to say that these three are making a huge leap this year. Joyner Lucas was the break out name last year, but these 3 are making all the right moves to get their sound out there. They’re working with some of the industry’s best. They’re listening to offers from artist who are still early in their careers. They genuinely seem like great people and totally invested in helping the lyrical rap game. These guys are at the top of their craft.

I connect with Ekoh’s verse the most in this song.

Man, I just want to connect with my peers
But if I’m not faded, then why am I here?
If I said, “Fuck it” and went and got fucked up
It’d probably be better to build my career, so
Okay, let me get just one drink
And like just one smoke
And like just one line
I’m just tryin’ to connect with ya’ll
And I tell myself that it’s just one time

Ekoh, excerpt from Skid Row

Demons lurk in my closet too, most of them roped and dealt with, but those demons really never go away. They whisper, they remind of good times, they lie. These are the voices of addiction many of us listen to daily. I connect with Ekoh’s words, today most of days. Though my urge today is not something hard and illegal, I’ve been trying to quit cigars. I quit smoking cigarettes 15 years ago, but could never escape completely. Dang, black and milds got me.

Durand – On My Own

We covered Durand a few weeks ago as an #hiddengem Spotlight. We are just as excited to feature his new song that he released Today! Durand is legit. His talent is real. This song is just another example of the quality of his work. I couldn’t be happier having come across his music by random Instagram crawl. He’s won featured contests, having won a song with fellow member of this list, Futuristic. We can’t wait to hear Durand’s upcoming album, Story Time, planned to release later this month.

Buggie – Night

Buggie, always fresh, always dope. We’ve been talking to Buggie almost weekly since we begun this blog. Buggie is a great, funny artist that is beyond talented. I fanboy out a little bit, so I’ll tone it down. We heard this latest release a month or so ago, before it even had lyrical bars added to it. Yeah, we feel special. I told him then that this was something that would put him on the charts. His radio release. Buggie was always up front about the poppy, R&B sound of Night, but that doesn’t dissuade from the fact that its a great song, with an awesome lyrical verse thrown in.

Buggie is also in the production stage of a new song he hopes to feature Jarren Benton. Look forward to that banger in the near future.

Chach x Zvck – I.C.M.I.C.B.

Chach and Zvck give a deep, lyrical song more centered around the local issues we’re facing today. Marshall came across Chach, by way of random Instagram scrolling as well. He plans to write up a feature, so be on the look out. Chach is legit, and I’m glad we were lucky enough to hear his stuff. I’ll allow Marshall to speak more on the greatness that is Chach’s music in his upcoming article.

Odd Squad Family x Sincerely Collins x The Kaleidoscope Kid – Scary Place

Keeping in the vein of serious topics, the latest release from Odd Squad Family & Company, is a chill headnodder with heart. Everything Odd Squad releases feels like its straight from the heart. You can literally feel the struggles they battle every day, allowing the listener to connect on a level we usually don’t get with our favorite artists. Not only do they put out great lyrical rap, they put out great music in general.


Well, that’s our Fave5 Latest Rap Releases. There are some really great artist featured on this list. Wish we could just get everyone of them to do a collab with each other. There’d be some definite fire coming from this group. Hell, I already tried to get Durand and Buggie to collab. Guess our next venture is to figure out how to actually make that work. After that, we take over the world.

Don’t forget to share on all your social media platforms. Like, share, do whatever you can to support Lyrical Rap music. Its on us to make sure Lyrical Rap continues to be a presence, every song needs someone to listen to it.


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