Happy Birthday Hip Hop! Thank You DJ Kool Herc!

47 years ago, the party was just about to kick off. DJ Kool Herc was hyped to be performing for his largest crowd, at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. It was his DJ Kool Herc sister’s birthday party where the first sounds of Hip Hop were heard. Tonight, 47 years ago, Hip Hop History was made. August 11, 1973.

The only music I could find for Kool Herc. A full album release with some of his beats and his naration about the old times.

Clive Campbell, known as DJ Kool Herc, founding OG of the hip hop game, started mixing beats early in his life. The birth of hip hop wasn’t a lyrical thing, but that’s alright, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Clive’s ingenuity.

According to History.com, DJ Kool Herc watched the crowd while the music was playing. He noticed that a lot of people were waiting for the beat to drop before they started dancing. The idea caught on, and he employed the use of two turntables. He would use them to play the same track and go over the same beat over and over, the hook, what he called the “Merry Go Round” or a Break Beat as it is known today.

He played this new style at his sister birthday party and a revolution occurred. Thus, today is Hip Hops Birthday!

Anyone know when Lyrics were added into the hip hop mix?


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