Happy Birthday Hip Hop! Thank You DJ Kool Herc!

47 years ago, the party was just about to kick off. DJ Kool Herc was hyped to be performing for his largest crowd, at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. It was his DJ Kool Herc sister's birthday party where the first sounds of Hip Hop were heard. Tonight, 47 years ago, Hip Hop History was made. August 11, 1973.

Atmosphere: Living Legends

The year was 1997, I was 11 years old and just beginning to love hip hop music. I then discovered Atmosphere's debut release, "Overcast" and instantly was a huge fan. The raw and gritty bars by Slug, and beats by Ant got me hooked. It was clear to me at that time that this duo... Continue Reading →

Proof’s Goodbye Letter

This song hits right at the feels. Proof put this song out right before his death. He's putting his heart into this good bye. Listen to the end. Those whispers. Man.

The Fresh Prince Is Back

The Fresh Prince is back and better than ever. He won the first Grammy of any hip hop artist and at 51 years old is still bringing that fire. How he manages to reinvent his flow on this track from his older work is just another example of his greatness. From his music, movies, and... Continue Reading →

Meth is outta this world

Method Man shows that he never lost his insane lyrical game. The wordplay alone would make this a must listen. He keeps that classic meth flow while somehow evolving his game. This man should be in everyone's top ten! Check this vid and see for yourself.

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