Jay Greene: A Throwback To Real Hip Hop

Remember when hip hop had standards? I mean now it seems like “views” are more highly regarded than the art and the culture of hip hop. I grew up in an era of hip hop where you had to have talent to even be noticed in the game. Hip hop is about way more than sippin lean, face tats, and clown hair.

Its about family.

Its about talent.

Its about culture.

Its about lyrics.

It’s about the message.

It’s getting harder and harder in the present era to find anything other than the aforementioned mumble crap that’s on the radio, but that’s why we are here. Our mission here at LyricallyRap is to bring quality, unique, real, and extremely talented artists to your ears and to help bring these sounds to as many people as we possibly can. Jay Greene is one of these artists trying to bring the game back to where it should be, while somehow evolving it at the same time. Let’s take a look at our new Hidden Lyrical Gem.

Jay Greene – Untitled (Official Music Video) DME Productions

Born in San Jose, CA, Greene was first introduced to hip hop through his uncle who at the time was a well known up and coming emcee know as L.A.R. After his uncle was sent to prison Greene decided to pick up where he left off.

My uncle was a rapper back in the day and watching him and people’s reaction to him rapping was really what did it for me.

Jay Greene

Jay learned the art of writing rhymes by imitating the styles of artists such as Kool Mo Dee, LL Cool J, and Ice Cube. To this day you can tell these legendary artists play a heavy role in his sound. He still keeps a unique and fresh style while paying homage to the greats that have been his influence.

Jay Greene- Greene Apple

Greene is very candid in his disdain for the current state of mainstream hip hop and how he would change the game moving forward.

If I could change anything I would bring back the standards of the golden era. If you couldn’t rap or you wasn’t original, you wasn’t getting into this hip hop club of ours. There isn’t a damn thing special about these so-called rappers today. Everyone’s beats sound the same, everyone’s flow is the same with the same cadences. Where’s the hip hop in that?

Jay Greene

The internet has played a huge role in promoting these so called “rappers” these days, but it can also be a huge platform for real artists to spread their message and stay away from these major label “deals” which are generally very detrimental to the artist. Did you know that in most of these deals these major labels actually own all of the rights to the music that any artist releases? They throw you a big advance up front, but once thats gone, royalties for your music are hard to come by. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to this author.

I think the internet is a double edge sword. For Indie artist such as myself it’s great, what do I need a major label for these days? On the flip side, the internet has any and everyone believing they can rap so we’re flooded with a lot of garbage.

Jay Greene

Being an OG in the game at thirty seven years old, Jay proves that hip hop in todays current state is not just a young man’s game. Greene has been on his grind for a while and has seen hard times and good. He has never given up, changed his philosophy, or “sold out” on his beliefs which is something artists should aspire to. He has an inspiring message to his fans.

I guess the one message I have for my fans would be, don’t give up on your dreams. I fell into that myth of Hip Hop being a young mans game and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Jay Greene

Jay Greene is one of many artists out know that you may not know of, but you definitely should. His mission is to help bring real hip hop back into the mainstream. Let’s help him succeed with this and spread artists like him and so many others who may be buried by what’s being pushed down our throats on a daily basis from the mainstream “artists”. You can follow our new Hidden Lyrical Gem on these major media outlets.

Before we go take a listen to my favorite track from this amazing lyrical rap artist and be sure to follow @lyricallyrap on all major social media platforms and let us know what you think!

Jay Green- Ginsu
Lyrically Rap Music

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop!


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