New Album Drop FNX: “The Universal Frequency”

2020 has been a year full of disappointment, hardships, and chaos. The tragic death of Kobe and his daughter, the George Floyd murder along with many other deaths of black men at the hands of the police, and then you add in a worldwide pandemic, have made this year quite a horrible one. I myself turn to hip hop music in times of crisis. It calms me down and lets me know that through all hardships there are silver linings.

Well, I think I found one of those silver linings in FNX’s new album, “The Universal Frequency“. This is an amazing piece of work by a relatively lesser known artist, who along with being a true lyrical emcee is also very humble and down to Earth. His style reminds me of Nas from the mid 90’s with the lyrical ability of Common and the production has that golden era vibe that can’t be denied.

For this artist, “Lyrics Still Matter“, and I couldn’t agree more. This is the very style of raw and real hip hop that should be topping the charts. Listen to the album and see for yourself and also check the press release down below to learn more about this amazing lyrical artist. You won’t be disappointed, I put my word on that.

FNX-The Universal Frequency

Press Release

Rising Connecticut Emcee – Songwriter FNX Drops new Album “The Universal Frequency”

“The Universal Frequency” celebrates the energy of community, culture, and consciousness as expressed by the dynamic rap artist FNX. A testimony of all his hard work against the odds, the album is sure to make an impact in the independent hip hop world.

August 7, 2020

It’s often said the best music is inspired by difficult, challenging times. That’s certainly the case with ultra-talented CT born and based Master Emcee & Songwriter FNX. Far from born with a silver spoon in his mouth, FNX experienced deep, sustained trouble coming up, at one point even being homeless for an extended period. Now recognized for his deep skills in the hip hop realm and also as a preacher and community activist, FNX announced exciting news. The artist has dropped his much-anticipated new album “The Universal Frequency”, a grand expression of his vision as a rap musician and a man.

“My mission is to engage and enlighten those who have suffered hardship through my music,” commented FNX.  “Using the microphone as my paint brush, I tell stories that fall within the paradigm of the human experience, and the world through my eyes. This is a piece of art we all could appreciate.”

In many ways FNX is a throwback to the more raw and rugged 90’s era of rap, with clear influences of the emcees who helped him rise above in his youth bleeding into his own aggressive style. Think Kool G. Rap, Rahzel, and Big Pun to name just a few. Quite the relief for those who’ve had enough of the direction many modern rappers have taken both in subject and skill.

The Universal Frequency” is available across all major digital download platforms.

For more information be sure to visit

About FNX

FNX is a songwriter, rapper and newly acknowledged preacher, reppin’ and rappin’ in Gritty CT for over 10 years.

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