Lyrically Rap Presents: Favorite 5 Latest Rap Releases

Welcome and thank you for visiting our new column, Favorite 5. Where we share five of our favorite new lyrical rap songs. This week we feature some great bangers from artists like Jarren Benton, Ekoh & Futuristic. Without further ado, here’s some of our favorite new releases.

Jarren Benton – Disobey ft. Dizzy Wright

Disobey features the talented artists Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright. I like the chill flow and smooth bars in this track. Its a head nodder for sure. We’ve heard Dizzy Wright before, he’s been featured with one of our favorites, Buggie. Word on the street, Jarren Benton, is also interested in working with Buggie. Wouldn’t that be a sweet colab?

Ekoh – Slow Down

If you haven’t heard Ekoh’s latest album, “The De2our”, you have to go give it a listen. The whole album is full of clever, soulful lyrics. As usual, Ekoh speaks from the heart in Slow Down, and its one of our favorite new releases.

Futuristic x Justina Valentine x Mark Battles – I.O.F.W.R.

This song from Furutistic, Mark Battles, & Justina Valentine is a fun catchy song released earlier this week. This song gets dirty in a great, provactive way. I’ll jam it.

KXNG CROOKED, Joell Ortiz, Cee Merk & Kayla Bean – Pure

Pure is a dope lyrically collaboration between KXNG Crooked, Joel Ortiz& Cee Merk. It brings with it a more underground sound, with bars we’ve come to expect from these guys.

Chris Webby – Tropicana (feat. ANoyd)

To wrap up our Favorite 5 from the past week, we have Chris Webby and ANoyd on Tropicana. This is a song that’ll put a smile on your face. It’ll just make you feel good, like a lot of Webby’s songs already do. I still find it crazy how Chris Webby is able to put out new music out every Wednesday. The dude is a beast!

Let us know what you think!

What were your favorites from the last week? Let us know in the comments, facebook, gram, or send us a message. Lyrically Rap is on a mission to remind the masses of quality lyrically rap music. Help us get the word out!


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