Logic’s New Album “No Pressure” A Perfect Exit Piece, Receives Great Reviews

Logic dropped his farewell album today, 24 Jul 2020, and its a lyrical masterpiece. A head nodder on his way out the door, until you know, he comes back through.

GP4 – Logic

The album has a distinct sound, an underground jazzy vibe. Its chil. The lyrics are next level. Bar after bar with meaning behind them. Logic’s fans love his ability to spit fire with an actual message. A similar message we value here at Lyrically Rap.

Open Mic\\Aquarius III – Logic

According to a story on Billboard, Logic is leaving the rap game to concentrate on being a good father to his new baby. That’s respectable. I like that. Sometimes the true meaning of life becomes clear. His new life and goals is the main theme of the latest album, “No Pressure”.

Soul Food II – Logic

I really like this song. There’s just something about it that vibes with me. Its chill. Its lyrically on point. It really is Soul Food. Thanks Logic, this is some great stuff.

Logic’s latest album “No Pressure” has received solid accolades from NME & Variety. And as he should. This album is fire.

Perfect – Logic

Check out the rest of Logic’s album on Spotify, Youtube, or where ever you listen to music at. And as always, like & share! We need you all to complete our mission. We’re here to promote quality lyrical rap, and we can’t do it without you. Thank you!


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