One of Lyrically Rap’s Favorite Indepenent Rap Artists – Durand – Releases “Underrated” featuring KXNG Crooked & Norad

There’s a lot of craziness going on in the country right now. Its a messed up time. Through the darkness though, there is a message. It needs to be heard, understood, accepted. A disparity exists, we hate what we don’t understand, scared of being wrong. Afraid to even accept it. Then there are those that relish in hatred, ignorance of everything but their construed identity.

There is a strong message coming through in Lyrical rap music lately. Change needs to happen and it starts with being heard. Listen to the latest hip hop releases, you will hear the lyrics of unity, of truth, of struggles. Of different lives, different cultures, yet still the same pain.

We love and hurt, everyone. Compassion goes a long way, and when we know each other’s story, the first planks are added to building a bridge.

Black Lives Matter.

“Underrated” speaks for itself. Durand, Norad, & KXNG Crooked release a song that joins the chorus of other artists speaking for change.

Each artist paints a soulful, truthful, yet sometimes dark picture of reality. Its the same dark realness that Durand & Norad have in a lot of their songs. Its probably why I like their music so much. I am also loving the lyrics and how they flow with the fresh beat.

The addition of KXNG Crooked to this beat was genius. Next level. The shout out to Young Buck gave a nostalgic smile, as the Nashville native was on repeat back in the days. Buck is still putting out the bangers too. With the mention of Sway in Crooked’s verse, I’m hoping the song makes it way on to Shade45.

In our conversations with Durand & Norad, they both said it was like a dream come true to have Kxng Crooked on one of their songs.

Durand and Norad are making the right moves in the independent world of lyrical rap music. In the short time we’ve been following them, they have released several successful songs. A new album, and a couple of releases coming up.

New releases

Durand told Lyrically Rap to be on the look out for a new single, “Right Now” on September 25th, and a track called “Unfaithful” due to release on October 9th.

Look for them on Spotify, Youtube, or wherever you like to listen to music.





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