Round 2 Ends in Draw – Rap Label League adds in “Rapper Net Worth” as new Category

Twenty days later and “Week 2” wraps up. Welcome to Lyrically Rap’s Label Manager fantasy league. Where we track success indicators from Spotify, YouTube, & Instagram, from a group of drafted artists to our make-believe rap labels. The competition is currently taking place between the heads of Lyrically Rap, Hoosier & Marshall.

This round was tied at 2-2, moving the Season standings to Hoosier taking a small 5-3 lead over fellow writer Marshall. There have been some changes to the scoring. We have given values to each of our categories, allowing us to assign assumed artists values or “Rapper Net worth”.

CategoryHoosierMarshallGrand Total
Spotify Avg Change110.39%3.70%57.05%
YouTube Avg Change3.89%2.65%3.27%
Insta Avg Change0.92%0.98%0.95%
Rapper Simulated Net worth$17,391,470.51$198,830,889.27$216,222,359.78

Instead of tracking new tracks, we have added simulated Net Worth. I felt that in week one, Marshall’s team was the clear winner in terms of share firepower, but the way we are capturing the gains, it did not allow him to push that star power as much. The simulated net worth rewards the owners who have the strongest established artists, whereas the other categories point to relative performance improvement.

Spotify MVP: Buggie Bars
Team Hoosier Wins Spotify

The Spotify Monthly Listener category shows a little bit about the listening base of an artist. The Spotify metric looks at the past 28 days. It counts fans that listened during the period at least one time. This isn’t the total number of listens or how many times a fan logged back in. If the number raises up week to week, this means new fans are discovering the artist. If its staying similar, this could mean that the same fans are returning each month. If it drops, that means people aren’t coming back to listen.

Buggie really switched it around from Week 1, where he was lowest performer in terms of monthly listeners. Week 2 is a different story, and Buggie came through with a Spotify increase of 453%, the most of any other artist this season.

I was also happy to see the huge jump by Versvs, who came up second to last the previous round with a 311% increase. Rittz and Chris Webby see a small drop in monthly listeners. It seems the steam from their latest albums didn’t last long and is already sputtering. I’m sure if Webby gets back on the weekly release grind, his number will continue to improve.

YouTube MVP: Buggie Bars
Team Hoosier wins YouTube

Once again, Buggie Bars relative YouTube performance is better than all other artist in the contest. This makes 2 weeks in a row that Buggie rules this category. Versvs shows the largest drop in this category, after being in the number 2 spot last round. I know Versvs has been releasing new videos regularly, so this number probably isn’t comforting to see, but he’s still ranking 3rd in YouTube performance.

Instagram MVP: Buggie Bars
Team Marshall wins Instagram

Buggie Bars takes a turkey dinner, winning yet another category, this time taking the Instagram Follower monthly change. This third win will make Buggie Bars are MVP of the Round. Congratulations!

Durand saw a second straight week of losing Instagram followers, and an overall decline in a lot of his numbers from last week. We’ve noticed that Durand the Rapper is taking on a new slogan, “I ain’t shit”, a sarcastic, yet overall negative look at his own career. If an artist is portraying that he does not believe in himself, his fan base will probably pick up on that, and the number are supporting the claim. Durand may want to engage in a new marketing strategy to improve his listening rates.

Value MVP: Dax
Team Marshall wins Overall Value

Overall value is our newest category, replacing new tracks released. This category places values on individual listeners on Spotify, listens on Youtube, and the value of a follower on Instagram, combing those figures we came up with our own Value rating for each artist. This dollar value is not a reflection of their actual monetary worth but uses the data we have to get a good indicator where they’re at compared to the other artists.

Or course, Team Marshall will win this category every week this first season. His team is just too much of a powerful to contend with in terms of overall amount. Dax being the highest valued artist, as we knew, this season. We value him at around $87mil currently, followed by Chris Webby at $62mil.

That’s our coverage for Round 2. Look for another update in another 20 days or so. And as always, give us a comment if you liked our post or had any comments on it. Please like our Spotify Lyrically Rap playlist and show support to our Favority Lyrical Hip Hop Artists!


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