Vin Jay Release – “Young & Heartless” New Lyrical Rap Music

New Song drop from Vin Jay titled Young & Heartless. A good song where he basically lays it out there. Like what up. I made it. What ya’ll gonna do. Check out the lyrics below.

Young & Heartless Lyrics

Vin about to kill again

Ay, woah, bout time that I got this started
Ay, woah, blood drip on the page I’m an artist
Ay, woah, my soul for the fame what a bargain
Get paid while I fade to the darkness
No love for the young and the heartless
Ay, woah, bout time that I got this started
Ay, woah, blood drip on the page I’m an artist
Ay, woah, my soul for the fame what a bargain
Get paid while I fade to the darkness
No love for the young and the heartless

This is a familar theme common in the rap game. Feeling the loss of their soul, like the game has taken everything out of them, but they continue on.

[Verse 1]
I don’t contemplate what I’ve got to say
Every rhyme I lay, perfect
Whatever time of day, I don’t conversate
I’ve been wide away working
I’m in a violent place I don’t got time to pray
I’m the god that they worship
Told them a lot would change once I got the fame
I am not the same person
Woah! I’ve been sticking to the plan
Only love is for the fan
Wait woah!
Threw my mom a couple thou’
Watch as her only son became a man, woah!
I got it under control
Can’t debate that I’ve been running the show
Rookie but I’m making double the coach
The business and music, I studied em both
Yall in it for the love and affection
Give me that check when I’m done with the set list
Woah! All of my funds invested
Never thought I’d be this young with a pension, no
Yall ain’t got my capability
Flipping my middle finger to the industry
Paper been stacking, it look like a trilogy
Keeping the Benjamins all in captivity, bitch

Good to hear that Vin Jay is doing well. He’s legit and love his sound.

[Verse 2]
Feel like I live in the matrix
I know the way that I’m living is dangerous
Sipping whenever I’m anxious
Do what I gotta to gather the payments
I know this shit is ironic
I could prevent it if I’m being honest
I’m killing myself just to get to the profit
And getting withdrawals to make a deposit
Can’t nobody tell me different
I been focused on the mission
Wait woah!
We been on the road to riches
Gotta maneuver collisions
Bank roll
Tell me they love me then hate me
So tell them to make a decision
Fake hoes
I’m murdering my competition
I feel like a young politician
Case closed
Tell them to vacate the set
Yeah they got fame the day came and went
My payday correct, I maintain the check
Gonna ball out finna get playmates from hef
No cappin’ I want it with a passion
Never gon trip on hoes who got baggage
Y’all get the picture I don’t need a caption
Only the words that I paint on the canvas, yeah

More video releases are coming toninght. Stay on the look out for a special Buggy release video for “Beast Mode”. Please like, share, and get the word out. Let’s get those lyrical rappers the listens they deserve.


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