Boom Bap Phenom TARiiiQ Is a Name You May Not Know, But You Should!

Up and comer is a term that is thrown out a lot these days. Let's be honest the hip hop game is saturated with artists right now. Some good, some not so good. It's all relative I suppose, but trust me when i tell you that this "up and comer" is one to keep your... Continue Reading →

New JL Album “The Devil Hates Sunday” is a Hip Hop Banger! Another Great Release from the Strange Music Crewgi

JL released his latest album today (9/25/2020), “The Devil Hates Sundays” and as I write this, I’m listening through it. There’s a lot of music on this album, 20 songs spread out over an hour’s worth of quality hip hop. Usually when I write these articles, I try to choose three songs that are my favorite. It’s almost too hard to do that this time. Like I said, a lot of bangers.

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