New JL Album “The Devil Hates Sunday” is a Hip Hop Banger! Another Great Release from the Strange Music Crewgi

JL released his latest album today (9/25/2020), “The Devil Hates Sundays” and as I write this, I’m listening through it. There’s a lot of music on this album, 20 songs spread out over an hour’s worth of quality hip hop. Usually when I write these articles, I try to choose three songs that are my favorite. It’s almost too hard to do that this time. Like I said, a lot of bangers.

That’s Him – JL & Joey Cool

JL is signed to the Strange Music, Tech N9ne’s label. The label is stacked with quality lyrical rappers. Some of the best in the game. They know what they are doing out at Strange Music. They are finding the right artists to work with. And the Strange Music release schedule, which seems like a release from a different artist each month, is smart.

You can tell JL and crew put some real work into this 20-song album. There something about a full album of quality hits, isn’t too many albums that drop like this these days. Strange Music keeps the albums coming though, same with other great lyrical artists like Ekoh, Rittz, & Joyner Lucas. So the algorithms haven’t completely taken over the game yet.

Ahh Haa – JL

 “The Devil Hates Sunday” from JL is a great album. Admittedly, I thought it started off a little slow, but once the Tech N9ne track hit, the album just got better after that. I added 12 of the 20 songs to my favorites, and would probably give it an honest 7 out of 10. Some of my favorite songs will be splattered through out this post. I’d encourage to press play and listen along as you read. Some great stuff.

Check the album out on Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube, or check out JL’s site to purchase the album. Also, check out the 12 songs that I added to our Spotify Playlist, “Lyrically Rap” where we have 12 hours worth of some of the best Lyrical Rap Music out there. Please follow our Playlist!

Coming Down – JL


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