Rockwell Introduces us to the Sega Challenge

The Lyrical talent is strong out in Allentown PA. Rockwell, another artist that's been with us since the beginning, has been working on social media. One of his videos was the Sega Challenge, and it piqued my interest. Another Artist from Allentown, Ehalf Amilli, released a video for the Sega Challenge. Another awesome mix. [...]

Homage the Lion Killer – Hidden Gem in the Lyrical Rap Game

Homage the Lion Killer hails from Carson City, NV and has been a recording for five years. Homage's first album, "Inscrutable Malice" came about when he shared a writing assignment with a friend, and they agreed to make an album. Instantly apparent, straight out of high school, Homage was throwing lyrics. Check out this track, "Devil's Dirt" from his first album. Anybody else getting a Will Smith vibe?

Wayne Vargas,Up and Comer

Here at Lyrically Rap we like to spotlight great local talent from all around the world. Wayne Vargas comes to us from Bloomington, IN by way of Orlando, Florida. His old-school vibe reminds me of some great tracks from the 90's.