Lyrically Rap Presents Odd Squad Family: Nothing Will Stop Them!

The Odd Squad Family is an amazingly talented hip hop group out of Phoenix, AZ. They have had to deal with all kinds of adversity throughout their lives which really resonates in their music and gives them a very unique sound.

They are relatively new to the scene which makes their rise to prominence all the more impressive. They started in 2016 in the local Phoenix hip hop scene and worked very hard to create a buzz for themselves. They released a mixtape, “1088 Mixtape” that year which caught the eye of producer AKT Aktion. The squad quickly signed a production based deal that gave them the resources they needed to have their music heard on a greater level. They dropped their first single with this producer in 2017 and quickly became a viral sensation. They amassed over 20,000 followers on Facebook in the first week of their page being opened. Their first studio album, “Welcome to the Family,” was released in 2017. They have since released many singles, Ep’s, and albums in the following years all solidifying themselves near the top of the lyrical rap game.

Let’s dive deeper into the three artists that make up this awesome group but first let’s take a look at their first major release!

Odd Squad Family First Major Video Release 2017 produced by AKT Aktion

Lets meet the Squad



Nubs is an acronym for Normally Underestimated by Sight. He was born with a rare condition leaving him without arms or legs. He hasnt let that stop him from achieving his goals however. He was bullied and teased a lot and used his trials and tribulations growing up to create music that many around the world can relate to. He is also an avid gamer and his talent and style are prominently featured in this track.



Just like Nubs, Snowman was born with a rare health condition. Snowman is albino, a condition that afflicts 1 in 20,000 people in the U.S. He also uses his daily trials and tribulations that he has had to endure since birth to pour all his feelings into his music. His amazing talent is portrayed in this track.


A~Factor is the newest member of the family and while his outward appearance is relatively “normal” he has also had to overcome his own battles throughout his life. He brings a fresh and new perspective to the group with his unique sound and style. Check this track out and see for yourself.

The Odd Squad Family are definetly a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop game and the sky is the limit for these guys. I have so much respect for this group for using their personal trials and tribulations to make music that is both uplifting and insanely good at the same time.

Now lets roll one up and take a look at these great smoke sesh songs by the boys!

Real Talk!

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