Emerging Artist Spotlight: JSmoove

You cant have a million dollar dream on a minimum wage work ethic“.

I’ve been reminded of this quote a lot while researching this article on an extremely hard working artist named JSmoove. Everyone I’ve talked to about this amazing artist has told me the same thing, “you’ll never meet a harder worker in the rap game.” Lets take a closer look at this dope lyrical artist.

JSmoove comes to us out of Reading, PA. I swear there’s something in the water out there that produces all these great artists. That whole area is a hip hop hotbed just waiting to explode! Check out this dope cut featuring another one of LyricallyRap’s Emerging Artists Black Magic. The production and lyrical talent displayed on this one is top notch!

Jsmoove feat. Black Magic “Last Chance”

Jsmoove is equipped with a dynamic flow, creative wordplay, and explosive lyricism which has taken him around the country doing shows. His talent has not gone unnoticed either with many other authors covering this amazing talent. Smoove was covered in articles in Elegant Hoodness magazine, Move Over magazine, and recently was on the cover of Bossed Up magazine. Dude’s been making moves! He seems to have his hands all over the hip hop/ entertainment game as he also hosts a weekly Facebook live show, “Basement Sessions.” See what I mean about this dude and his work ethic. Lets hear from the artist himself as we recently had the oppurtunity to interview this up and comer.

Smoove has always had a passion for all kinds of music which come through in his music to this day.

I always had a passion for music. My dad listened to mainly rock, my mom listened to a lot of rap, biggie was her favorite so I grew up around everything.


He credits his family with his motivation to begin his rapping career.

Again my parents were very influential, I always rapped at parties and things but when I met my girlfriend she told me try and record and then one thing lead to another and here we are.


This cat’s musical library and style is very unique. He is able to make his music in a variety of different styles which is something not a lot of other artists can accomplish successfully. Smoove pulls this off incredibly.

I would describe my music as my own. I like to say and use the hashtag #smooveseason because I have something for every occasion in my catalog, dance songs, softer songs for the ladies, clean songs for kids and of course for the streets.

My creative process is kinda hard to explain, I feel like I’m always creating, every day as soon as I wake up. If I’m not writing music I’m writing a script for a video, designing a new tshirt or logo, or figuring out a new marketing strategy. I’m always in that mode.

I would love to collaborate with meek mill. He’s been my favorite artist to listen to for years now plus, I mean, we would make a fire track together.


Jsmoove is the type of down to earth cat that you just dont usually meet in the rap game. He has some great advice for other up and coming artists:

My message would be just don’t give up no matter what. I been up, fell off, bounced back twice. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it so even when it feels like there’s no hope and u want to give up dig deep and keep pushing


Be on the lookout for more of Jsmoove’s incredible work. I’ve got a feeling he’s not gonna stop until he makes it to the top of the hip hop game! I know I’m definetly gonna be following this artist and I for one can’t wait to here more amazing lyrical rap music! You can follow Jsmoove on all these major media outlets to see where this dudes career will go, and i gotta tell ya the sky’s the limit!

Goon Squad Society
Indie National Entertainment

Big shoutout to Jason Zavala with Goon Squad Society and Justin Demarco with Indie National Entertainment for helping make this possible!

As always, we here at LyricallyRap would love to hear from you about Jsmoove and his story so check us out on all our social media platforms. Peace, Love, and Hip Hop ya’ll


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  1. Amazing article that really highlighted and solidified a great, hardworking artist. Impressive catalog, videos and interview. Thank you for sharing!


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