Best Spotify Rap Playlist: Lyrically Rap Presents “Fresh Rapz Vol. 9”

Yo what’s good LyricallyRap fam?! The best real rap Playlist is back with your first listen to the best rap songs of the first week of August. 

This is the best part of our job honestly, just listening and vibing out to all the dope new hip hop. The hard part is trimming it down to 20 songs. 

It is a great time to be a fan of hip hop. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we do making it! 

Make sure yall follow and like the list on Spotify for us! It makes us happy. Don’t yall wanna spread a little happiness?!

What’s New

Whew, the beginning of August definitely was one for the 2021 hip hop record books. There was so much going on it was really amazing to follow. Nas dropped perhaps the album of the year in “Kings Disease 2.” Honestly we could have put every song on that album on this list, it’s that good.  Eminem came out of the shadows to drop another classic EM verse on said album. 

Royce, Lupe, and Mickey Facts, among others, had a very entertaining feud that played out right in front of our eyes on IG live. Because of said beef, we got the best diss song I’ve heard in a very long time when Mickey bodied Royce with his release, “WRAiTH.” Sometimes social media has its privileges, right?

Is Slaughterhouse gonna clap back? Check Hoosier’s dope take on the whole thing by clicking the story here. And here. And maybe even here. Get the hint, we really do like when you click links… 😉

Anyhoo, touring is back!!!!!!! A lot of insane tours started these past couple weeks. Ekoh goes on his first headlining tour ever (which we’ll be covering live in Indy) and Strange Music both started their respective national tours just to name a couple. Big Props to Ekoh for continuing to grind and elevate his career. Dude is blowin the f up right now! 

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with Volume 10 so be sure to follow and like the list on spotify, and on all our social media @lyricallyrap to stay up date. 

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Fam

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