Best Spotify Rap Playlist: Lyrically Rap Presents “Fresh Rapz Vol. 9”

Yo what's good LyricallyRap fam?! The best real rap Playlist is back with your first listen to the best rap songs of the first week of August.  This is the best part of our job honestly, just listening and vibing out to all the dope new hip hop. The hard part is trimming it down... Continue Reading →

Hip Hop Rap Beef – Royce da 5’9″ vs Lupe Fiasco

The Royce & Lupe beef. A lot of people have heard about it, and we’re probably a little late. But I wanted to get a better scoop on what’s going on. The situation is a rap feud between friends, and random bickering over Instagram. Honestly, I was confused as hell about it and didn’t really know what the hell was going on, or who the people were that were involved. Since we’re a ‘news media’ site, I figured I should join the rest of the blogs and weigh in on what the hell is going on.

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