Hip Hop Rap Beef – Royce da 5’9″ vs Lupe Fiasco

The Royce & Lupe beef. A lot of people have heard about it, and we’re probably a little late. But I wanted to get a better scoop on what’s going on. The situation is a rap feud between friends, and random bickering over Instagram. Honestly, I was confused as hell about it and didn’t really know what the hell was going on, or who the people were that were involved. Since we’re a ‘news media’ site, I figured I should join the rest of the blogs and weigh in on what the hell is going on.

The moment when Lupe and Royce get heated due to mutual disrepect. Others were pushing them into a URL Rap Battle and things got too personal.
Royce 5’9″ diss to Lupe and Mickey Factz.

I’ll start this off from my perspective, a fans perspective. I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to a lot of names, and past beefs and connections. Chris is more the encyclopedia of the rap game. But we all know who Royce da 5’9” is, and who Lupe Fiasco is. Two really, really good rappers who we respect a lot. They’re both pioneers, they were friends, and then things just got a little too heated.

Lupe Fiasco sharing his thoughts on the beef with Royce da 5’9″ saying he doesn’t want anything physical but keep it musical. “You should feel a little off kiltered…that’s payment for what you said… “

“You should feel a little off kiltered…that’s payment for what you said… ”

Lupe Fiasco

A few weeks ago, the word spreads over the social webs that Lupe just put out a diss track on Royce. First reaction is like damn, what the hell is going on now. I didn’t invest much time then. Didn’t even listen to the song until today actually. I didn’t want to cover the drama, didn’t feel like investing the time. Lazy journalist integrity on my part.

At that point, my ignorant ass thought Lupe had started the whole ‘beef’, but my assumptions were probably wrong. I’m a huge Royce fan, and instantly was on his buss, not really considering that he’d start it up.

I may not have felt like covering it at the time, but the story wouldn’t go away. That night I see Royce is live on Instagram. We have a new plan to check Insta live for stories. Artists give away a lot of good information during them, and it’s panning out to be a good idea.

Royce is on live, so I go in, and find that he’s in there with a few other artists. It was 3 Letterman, Royce, Mickey Factz & eventually Joe Budden comes in. When I joined, they were discussing another track that this guy name Mickey just put out. I had no idea at the time who Mickey was, or that he had just put out Wraith, which is going on the list as one of the greatest diss track ever by the way.

Mickey Factz – Wraith diss on Royce da 5’9″

Mickey Factz is defending himself and Lupe in the live, but mostly the three of them are pretty cool with each other. Mickey is adamant on the fact that he put his beef down to a rap and is asking Royce to do the same. Basically, if they have a problem, let’s rap about it, not talk shit on Instagram. They also share some jokes about Budden.

That’s when Budden comes in.

Joe Budden joins the live with a straight gangsta type vibe about him. I’ve never seen Joe Budden in a video, live or otherwise. Only thing I heard about Budden is what every other fan hears, and that he was hard to work with, quickened the breakup of Slaughter House, etc. This dude Joe wasn’t taking no shit though.

Supposedly Mickey had said some stuff about Joe in a song a few years back, and I think Royce brought it up. Asking what Mickey had said and so forth.

Mickey defending himself saying, “We were taught to put our beefs down on paper and rap that shit. Joe Budden doesn’t rap anymore. He hasn’t been a MC in years. I said what I said, but Joe never rapped.” In that gist. He basically was claiming that none of them rap, and if they have beef don’t do it over Instagram Live.

Joe Budden got pissed at this point and responded, “You do not dictate what I do. There’s levels to this game, and you’re not on it.” Joe was referring that Mickey wasn’t on his level. Mickey reiterated that’s what Joe was saying later.

The whole conversation was strange. A diss track was out from Lupe. A diss track was out from Mickey Factz. I think the diss track I shared above came out too.

And here these guys are mostly being civil to each other on live. I guess they’re friends and respect each other, but I had no idea who Mickey and 3 Letterman were. I had to do some digging. I screenshot the names of the people in the talk, and added them.

Next day, I see that Royce is live again. Hell, I can’t escape this saga now, so I go in. This time its Royce da 5’9”, 3 Letterman, Russ, & King Los. Royce is straight up being a troll in this conversation. I got video of it which will be posted below. Several times he comments on needing to learn how to fight, and jokes that King Los should of taken inspiration from Mickey because he’s the success behind Dr. Dre. Or some shit like that. Watch the video.

Royce da 5’9″ trolling a little bit here on Mickey Factz as King Los is sharing his experience about working with Dre.

I still didn’t know who Mickey was at the time, but I’m like who and the hell is this Mickey dude? I reached out to Jon Connor to see if he might know a Mickey might be who worked for Dre. As I said before, I’m an idiot and didn’t realize Royce was being a troll.

Royce wanting Russ to teach him to fight so he can’t teach some people some lessons.

The rest of the conversation was pretty cool. Russ, King Los, and Royce were sharing ways to write bars and sharing experiences from the music industry. A lot of great content with some shade added in. But most importantly, the mystery that I wanted nothing to do with grew. An all by random log in chance to see people on live.

Next day, I see this dude Mickey Factz go on live. Of course I join. I find a live with a cool ass dude who was very responsive to his fans. He talked a little bit about his song, and how he ‘checked all the boxes’ but didn’t throw much shade. He said that Royce was one of his favorite rappers, and someone he’d look up to if he wanted to learn something new.

Now I’m even more confused, but Mickey said he would respond to any message he gets. If you know us, you know we’re not scared of reaching out. So I did, and I was my goofy self as always, and Mickey Factz was true to his word. He responded and we’ve been talking a lot since then.

So, between now and then, I’ve listened to all the songs and have seen the random stuff Royce has been saying. I’ve also been watching what the fans have been saying and its interesting.

The fans think exactly what Lupe Fiasco and Mickey Facts are claiming in their diss tracks. That Royce just needs rap. And rap alone. Even at the very beginning of the blow up video, everyone was keen to keep it to rapping.

Slaughterhouse Speculation?

Since this has all occurred it seems that Slaughterhouse has been talking. Speculation would lead us to guess that a diss track may be coming from the crew.

Mickey Factz told us in Insta DM, that if Royce goes the route of using Eminem or Slaughter house for the diss, then he, Mickey, wins the rap battle.

He may win it, but I think the fans really win here. If we get another song like Catipillar, which is probably the best rap song ever, then us fans are really going to win. Em & Royce probably slaughter Mickey and Lupe like they do everyone else, but hell its going to be a good song.

Even a new song from Slaughterhouse would be a win in my book. So yes, Mickey, you win and you win for bringing the groups back together to give us some seriously good music. I just hope these guys don’t start getting to stupid and violent. Keep it in the music, please.

If Eminem were to get involved, that also means the Stans get involved. You guys are a nasty bunch. I told Mickey they were a career killer, or at least Em was, and he agreed, but with a laugh. I hope everyone makes it out of this with millions of views and on top of the charts. I also hope they all squash the dumb shit, but we all want them dope tracks. So lets go!

A take on Royce da 5’9”

I’ve been watching Royce randomly for a couple months now. Two months ago, it seemed like he was in a down place. He probably didn’t want to admit it, but he just seemed grumpy as hell. I don’t know the dude, he might be grumpy all the time. He was talking about wanting to quit rapping. I did a story on it. He just didn’t feel challenged anymore, and wanted someone to ‘come through’.

Fast forward to now, and we got a beef and everyone calling for him to get back in the game. I often claim Eminem stirs up fake beef or works up beef for each of his album releases. I kind of think that’s what is going on here. From the reaction on live, the two were cleary heated in the moment.

Anyhow, either Royce or people in this beef have a new album coming, or this group of friends is just stirring the pot a little to rekindle that spark. From what it seems when they talk in live and Mickey assuring me that he’s cool, so its probably just that little WWE storyline.

I don’t know, could be real beef too. “You better work it bitch…”

Who cares. Its fun if we get some new music out of it.


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