Emerging Lyrically Spotify Playlist – Weekly Update

Our mission is to share quality lyrical rap music. One of the ways we do that is through our Emerging Lyrically Spotify playlist. Now in its second week. Its a playlist of some of our favorite lyrical hidden gems and emerging artists.

Ekoh – Life in Amazing Lyrical Expression

Ekoh, a lyricist from Las Vegas, gives us a fresh, new sound. Its different than the rap music that is currently out there, and that's a good thing. Ekoh speaks of real-life situations, something that many others tend to stay away from. His production is masterful. Ekoh fuses traditional rap backdrops with a range of slick genres. A little rock, a little something new, a little something that just sets Ekoh outside the sounds that are becoming all to common.


https://youtu.be/PD0qmBrNs78 Anilyst flows are something to be aspired to for many rappers. He's amassed over 23 million youtube view and his latest project "Lystening" has made it into the top 50 albums on iTunes. Dude is the spitting image of the phrase "hard work pays off." Check out this amazing artist and put him in [...]