Anilyst – Emerging Lyrically with a Fresh Sound

Anilyst is an emerging lyrically rap artists from Fresno, California. I like Anilyst’s ability to paint quality lyrics over dope beats. Anilyst music is clean. Its fun, has a message, and has great production value.

Might go berserk with a knife like a surgeon
They like how I serve them, strike them on purpose
I am so sure that my life’s like a circus
I am not nervous, I’m just observant, murderous type but I’m fighting the urges

Anilyst’s sound is top class, but it hasn’t reached the masses yet. Currently he’s sitting at 80 thousands listens a month on Spotify. He deserves a lot more listens then that, and we want to help. Give Anilyst a listen and share it with your friends! Word of mouth is the best way to ensure Lyrically Rap picks up steam on that mumble crap.

Anilyst – My Flow Mixed With (DaBaby)

This record is straight fire right here. Anilyst put this video out three months ago.

Anilyst – Homicide Remix (Logic & Eminem)

Check out this remix. Anilyst is straight fire.

Keep a look out for Anilyst. He’s on the up and his flow is proof of the rise. Show your love in the comments! Please give Anilyst and share with your friends. Let’s spread the word on quality lyrical rap music.


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