“Rap Label Fantasy League” Week 3 results, 3-month of streaming analysis for each artist

Welcome to week 3 of our “Rap Label Fantasy League”, where Marshall and myself act like we’re label managers, and use real life streaming and social data to simulate success or failures. Using the fantasy football model, we have drafted 2 teams of 7 hip hop artists. We’ve been tracking 4 stats: Spotify Monthly Listeners % Increase, Youtube Views % Increase, Instagram Followers % Increase, and Perceived Value Total Increase.

We’re in week 3 now of this idea. Where Hoosier takes another win, 3-1 this week. That makes it 8-4 for me, and starting to get away for Marshall. Instead of focusing on the competition this week, I’d like to look at the numbers and give a small analysis for each artist.

We started recording data on 12/13/2020, and have grabbed a snapshot every 20 days or so. In real life, I’m a data analysis, so I thought I’d could offer some value to the artist in the league. I think we’re starting to get a good set of data that we may be able to review the winter and how each rap artist performed.

My thoughts and analysis must be taken with a grain of salt. I’m going to be looking at the numbers, and comparing those to what we’ve seen going on in real life. We’ll use that to offer advice to why the numbers may be the way we are. We’re not industry experts, or totally in the know. We’ve been writing for six months, and these last six months we’ve really learned a lot, and as we grow we want to be able to offer as much as we can.

Below you’ll find a quick analysis of all 14 artists that we drafted. Some may be more in depth than others, but I’ll try my best. I’ll sort the list below based on the perceived valuation we have set each artist. Let me know what you think, and how we can improve.

Artist Analysis


Team Marshall, $4.4mil fantasy valuation

In terms of volume, Dax is the king of this fake competition. He has the most views and followers of any of the 14 rap artists included.

When an artist is successful as Dax, its hard to show huge month to month increase. Though, when there are those huge jumps they are noticable and probably impact the artist’s revenue stream more than an artist of a smaller stage.

Dax’s new crowd continued to increase over the winter months, where he had several fantastic releases, to include “Joker Returns” and “Killshot 3“.

The releases have slowed down, thus the new crowd moved on, and Dax went back down to normal levels. Dax’s instagram and Youtube views didn’t show the same fluctation.

Chris Webby

Team Marshall, $3.1mil fantasy valuation
Chris Webby hasn’t been having the best of winter, but he’s still popping. Webby’s Spotify Montly Listeners has been going down slightly month over month. If I was a betting man, I bet these drops are the result of the “Webby Wednesday” not occuring as much.


Team Marshall, $1.6mil fantasy valuation
Rittz is also feeling a drop of the crowd over at Spotify, after the excitement of his Christmast album “Rittzmas” passed. We have seen any new releases from Rittz this new year, and his Spotify numbers will probably continue to decrease until more releases come.


Team Marshall, $650k fantasy valuation
Image result for futuristic rapper
Futuristic looks like he made a huge correction over at Spotify, brining in new users after seeing a 6% from Dec to Jan. It’s suprising that Futurisitic’s social score is dropping, this may be due to him focusing more on pushing IndieAmplify to everyone.

Vin Jay

Team Hoosier, $355k fantasy valuation
Vin Jay and Futuristic’s growths are similar, but Vin’s value takes a little bit more of an increase due to Vin’s social grind improving.

Jarren Benton

Team Hoosier, $304k fantasy valuation
Image result for jarren benton
Jarren Benton shows that you don’t need to solely focus on social media to have success. Jarren Benton is known for doing a lot of collabs, and those collabs are probably getting him notice on Spotify “New Releases” & “Discover Weekly” playlist.


Team Marshall, $148k fantasy valuation
Image result for gawne
Gawne is having an awesome time coming out of the Holidays. Focusing on his social score may bring even more gains.


Team Hoosier, $100k fantasy valuation
Alright, so Ekoh’s chart might be a little all over the place. It also has double digits on the axis, meaning he’s seeing some larger swings than the other rap artists included in this analysis. His latest release brought in a huge increase of fans. Who were probably new to his sound. Ekoh’s numbers are trending down lately, but that’s probably just normally back out after the surge of new fans. He’s also been having some down times personally, so I really hope he can bounce back, he deserves all the success out there.

Odd Squad Family

Team Hoosier, $44k fantasy valuation
Image result for odd squad family
Odd Squad Family Charts look crazy, but that’s mainly due to Spotify going back and forth. They’re social following seems to be slowling down slightly as well.

Nite Owl

Team Marshall, $7k fantasy valuation
Image result for nite owl rapper
Nite Owl worked his way out of a Christmas slump to show quality gains on Spotify, his numbers may have dropped lightly, but he is still showing increase month over month in all categories. Look for these numbers to jump with new upcoming releases.

Riddy K

Team Marshall, $3k fantasy valuation
Image result for riddy k
Riddy K just had a new baby! Congrats man! His stock is also on the rise. Look forward to a new release and these numbers to skyrocket!


Team Hoosier, $3k fantasy valuation
Versvs saw a huge increase in Spotify views, those new listeners stayed on, but the % of increase didn’t continue. Versvs is known for his collabs with great lyrical rap artists, and when these release he probably sees a huge spike.

Durand the Rapper

Team Hoosier, $2k fantasy valuation
Durand numbers are continuing to downtrend. He’s been working hard to get out in the public face, and I hope his work pays off for him.


Team Hoosier, $2k fantasy valuation
Buggie Bars Rap/RNB Artist "Night"
Buggie Bars Rap/RNB Artist “Night”
Buggie has worked his ass off this winter on improving the business end of his new music career, and it has reflected as being the two time Weekly MVP of the leauge. His % increase is off the charts in every category, even though you can’t see them as much for Instagram and Youtube.


14 artists and 14 charts later and I’m feeling a little rough. I may have spent way too much time on that. Anyhow, I hope this was interesting for everyone. If you have any questions, let me know! Please share, like, and do all that social stuff!


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