Free Music Album/Track Release Cover Art Giveaway

Yeah, I know… we’ve been jumping around into a lot of different things right now. Trying to build that portfolio, you feel me? Offering Cover Art as one of things Lyrically Rap offers didn’t click until recently. I’ve been messing with Photoshop for ten years, but mostly for simple designs. Some artists gave me some confidence, so I figured I cast a line.

You may have saw earlier, my release of several designs for sale on our merch store. Yeah, I’d like to sale some of those, but I also thought it’d be cool of us to offer a free album design. We’d like to host a small giveaway that we hope will help ourselves and also an awesome hip hop artists out there.

If you like the background in the image above, “School of Hard Knocks”, and would like to use it on your next album or song release, then you may be interested in joining this “Free Giveaway”.

All you have to do is:

  1. Like the Facebook or Instagram post you saw this post on.
  2. Be a Follower of our Facebook or Instagram Page
  3. Submit your spotify or youtube list to

We ask artists to submit their songs, because we want to make sure we like the energy the artist brings. We’ll select an artist we like to receive the album cover by Wednesday Feb 17th. We’re not going to review your song, or offer any negative critiques, so if you don’t hear from us, it doens’t mean we did or didn’t like your song. It just means we’re busy, and probably have given the cover to someone.

Check out some of the other images I’ve made at our store!


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