New #webbywednesday Release, “Poison” Just Dropped!

So I'm sitting here scrolling my IG feed and eating a bowl of the best country ass vegetable soup ever made. Moms can cook! I happen to glance over at the clock and realize it's Webby Wednesday drop time. Let's see what Chris Webby has in store for us this week! I mean at... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Hip Hop! Thank You DJ Kool Herc!

47 years ago, the party was just about to kick off. DJ Kool Herc was hyped to be performing for his largest crowd, at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. It was his DJ Kool Herc sister's birthday party where the first sounds of Hip Hop were heard. Tonight, 47 years ago, Hip Hop History was made. August 11, 1973.

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