Eminem And Kid Cudi Track Dropping Tonight!

Eminem is dropping a track with Kid Cudi tonight, 'The Moon Man and Slim Shady!" As soon as it drops you can bet we'll have it for ya right here on the site with our review and impression! This collaboration has the potential to set the world on fire! We'll just have to wait and... Continue Reading →

Proof’s Goodbye Letter

This song hits right at the feels. Proof put this song out right before his death. He's putting his heart into this good bye. Listen to the end. Those whispers. Man.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

Eminem's single "Real Slim Shady" dropped TWENTY years ago. That's nuts. That's back when Marsh and I were really finding our music sound. Our golden years you could say. "Real Slim Shady" could be a daddy to a lot of these lyrical rap songs coming today. Poppa Shady!

Eminem & Joyner Lucas – “Lucky You”

This song pumps me up. They both knocked it out of the park on this one, "Lucky You". One of my favorites from Kamikaze, Eminem and Joyner Lucas delivered one that will last the test of time. The sound, the lyrics, production. Everything is great.

An Introduction

Welcome to Lyrically Rap, and thank you for visiting. This is a place dedicated to promoting quality lyrical rap music. New and old, undiscovered and top of the game. We are a couple of friends who've been listening to lyrical rap music for a long time. We've grown up on with favorites like Eminem, Biggy, Jay-Z, Royce, & Webby. We love a great line, a solid beat, and a strong message.

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