10 of the Best Smoke Out Rap Songs – Spotify Playlist and YouTube Videos

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who enjoy a good song and a good smoke. Many of our favorite lyrical rappers enjoy to vibe as well, releasing creative center pieces to any smoke out session. These 10 songs are Lyrically Baked, as we all are.

In no particular order, Lyrically Rap presents its list of 10 Best Smoke Session Songs. We hope you enjoy.

Must Be The Ganja – Eminem

Oh high school days. Not to sound to old, be we’re kind of old here at Lyrically Rap. We spent a lot of time chillin in some random parking lot banging this song. What better way to start off the list?

Blueberry Yum Yum – Ludacris

Still showing our age here, but this song is Mount Rushmore of getting high.

Ganja Man – Chris Webby (feat. Smoke DZA, B-Real & Alandon)

Here’s something for the list that’s a little more recent. Chris Webby is a favorite of ours, and Gangja Man is one of the most vibed songs out there. I think I’m melting into the couch.

 Crazy Rap – AfroMan

Any Afroman song could be added to this list, but this is one my favorites. I bet he’d be a fun guy to hang out with.

Vibez – Odd Squad Family & The Kaleidoscope Kid

I recently discovered this baked song. Odd Squad Family’s sound is something else. They have a few great smoke out songs, but this is the one I’m really Vibing on.

Let’s Get High – Dr. Dre

This is a head nodded for sure. I could listen 2001 on repeat.

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

My vibe is still going. This song really brings on the chill. We can’t wait until Kenrick puts out some new music. Missing his stuff.

High All The Time – 50 Cent

Back when this song came out, we probably didn’t smoke as good as stuff as 50. Everything was dirt back then. Good ole brick. Some of ya’ll will remember. These days though, boy. Boy oh boy.

Get ’em High – Kayne West (featuring Talib Kweli & Common)

At this point, you probably need to “smoke again”. We’re getting to the end of list, time to get ready to put it on repeat.

Blow My Buzz – D12

Now that you’re feeling good, we’re going to send you off with this classic. We hope no one blows your buzz. If so, there’s always more to smoke.

These are 10 of our favorite rap songs to smoke out too. What do you think? Some pretty good stuff there. We may have shown our age a little, but that’s alright. We hope you like. We even made a Spotify Play List for you. Easier access for your next vibed out session.

Let us Know?

Did we miss a song that you think should be on this list? Let us know. Comment here, or on our Social Media links, and we may add it to the Lyrically Smoke Playlist on Spotify.


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