Buggie Bars and Эскимос Crew Drop Dope New Video For “Crash Test”

I don’t speak Russian, hell i don’t speak English all that well either, but I do speak Hip Hop and this right here is pure unadulterated Hip Hop. We’ve covered this song before but now we have some dope visuals to go with it. @amovisuals1 out of Windsor, Ontario shot the raw footage with Buggie and then it was sent to @deepshotproduction in Russia for the final editing. The whole process was done fairly quick by industry standards. Buggie states that from shooting to final edits it was “Not long at all. Maybe two weeks or so.” Buggie has worked with Amo Visuals before with a dope ass lyric video for the “Buggin Out (Intro)” which if you haven’t peeped yet you are missing Buggie’s lyrical “Greatness.” (See what I did there Buggie)

So how does a Russian Hip Hop duo hook up with a Canadian spitter? One word, Social Media. Or is that two, ehhh screw it.

They reached out to me on Instagram. Told me they are a huge fan of my flow and want me to feature on their album

This was last spring

They sent me three songs, and I chose my favorite

I’m actually not sure how they heard of me. I assume an Instagram ad

Buggie Bars

I guess IG ads are good for something.

Anywhoo, the point of this whole story is to point out that Hip Hop is a global phenomenon and can resonate with just about anyone.

Oh and that Buggie is “Dope”

Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Fam!


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