20 Best New Hip Hop Rap Songs – July 2021

It’s been a few weeks and we’re ready to present you with the Best New hip hop songs added to our Spotify rap playlist “Fresh Rapz” Volume 8. Each week these list get better. Make sure to follow. We update with 20 completely new rap songs each week. Let us know what you think!

  1. KXNG Crooked – “Schea Cotton”
  2. Token – “Sip”
  3. Ekoh – “Martian”
  4. Krizz Kaliko, Futuristic – “Feelin’ Good”
  5. Tech N9ne – “Take your halo”
  6. Young M.A., Chris Webby – “Whippin”
  7. Tom MacDonald- “Withdrawals”
  8. Durand – “Neighbors (Remix)”
  9. Yung Aj – “Harder Than Ever”
  10. Elijah Kyle – “Which Way Do You Go”
  11. Ekoh, Drowsy – “Firefly”
  12. Tech N9ne, Kiddo Al – “Close your eyes”
  13. The Brazy Bunch, A-Wax, King Iso – “Omaha”
  14. Legato Shine, Jon Connor, Lil Vic – “Da Cypher”
  15. Knox Hill, Locksmith – “Over It”
  16. Heretic Click, Gawne – “The Beat”
  17. Dizzy Wright – “My Mind Keep Telling Me”
  18. Jehry Robinson – “Weekend”
  19. Willie Faulk – “Goodbye”
  20. Nite Owl – “Tell Me Why”

KXNG Crooked – “Schea Cotton”

I love everything about this song. That music in the background will straight put you in the trance. You got Crooked rocking bars hard, and your ass in a different dimension. On the business side of things, this song has been out 3 days on Spotify and has 2,370 listens (790/day). Y’all need to get out there and stream this one. 

Token – “Sip”

The video to Sip is interesting for sure. And brought up some funny conversations between Hopsin & Token over Instagram live. This is one of those songs I’ll come back to and listen to again. Classic feel. It’s been out 17 days with 378k listens (22k/day). Token is probably trending the highest, besides Ekoh, on this volume. 

EKOH – D3Tour 

Ekoh D3tour’s released during this volume’s coverage. The album is crazy good. Check out our review if you’re interested. Looking at Spotify numbers since release, out of the completely new songs, Martian is the most popular at 57k total listens. Our favorite as well. It looks like up to 30k fans took the time to listen through so far. The other older songs from the album are reaching 1 million listen territory. Many are collabs, but hopefully those numbers transfer over to the newer songs. 

Krizz Kaliko, Futuristic – “Feelin’ Good”

Krizz is releasing his latest music outside of Strange Music. “Feelin’ Good” is a song that just makes you feel good. The ‘feel good’ message is strong from Krizz’ last couple songs, and I’m liking the uplifting tone. The song has been out 10 days, and has 134k (13k/day) plays so far. Krizz’s music is doing well getting in front of people. 

Tech N9ne – “Take your halo”

Tech N9ne has a few songs on this list, and as he should. Halo has a few messages hidden in there too. Tech always puts out a good rap song though. This song is performing really well in Spotify. In 10 days it has 509k listens (51k/day). Just another day in the office for the Strange Music leader. 

Young M.A., Chris Webby – “Whippin”

Chris Webby channelled some Eminem thoughts and brought in Young M.A. on a song. Absolute legend level decision. This song has the typical Webby vibe around it, but the addition of Young M.A. propels it spacebound. “Whippin” has been out 5 days and has 216k plays (43k/day). 

Tom MacDonald- “Withdrawals”

Tom Macdonald is top tier in the rap game at the moment. He propelled up their quickly in this last year. It was fun to watch him jump tiers. We have a love hate relationship with Tom, but we won’t go into all that here. We’ll just say that this song was deep. His best in a while. It’s going to connect well with a lot of people, and with his current status its going to get out to a lot of people. The song has been out 10 days and has 527k plays (52k/day). Topping Tech N9ne’s rate. 

Durand – “Neighbors (Remix)”

Durand on the roll again as usual. This song is bouncy as fuck. I’m sitting here dancing writing this. I think a lot of people will enjoy and connect with the story Durand tells us here. There’s a reason Durand is on the list with the other leaders in the Lyrical hip hop space. He has the talent. The song has been out 14 days and has 9k plays (667/day). Make sure to stream this song a few times!

Yung Aj – “Harder Than Ever”

Another hidden gem breaking into the scene. This will be first Aj’s first song on the Fresh Rapz Playlist cycle. We discovered him through Kvng Moses and love what we hear. We think you all will too! This song is getting 127 plays a day. Lets pump those numbers up for him. 

Elijah Kyle – “Which Way Do You Go”

We just found out about Elijah Kyle through Andrea, the Ekoh fan group mod. We’ve also seen some hype on other random Instagram posts. We liked this latest song and wanted to feature it on our list. Some of his other songs may be out of our niche, but he’s a very talented musician nonetheless. Numbers weren’t available on this song. 

The Brazy Bunch, A-Wax, King Iso – “Omaha”

I don’t know much about the Brazy Bunch or A-Wax. I think they popped up on my playlist because of the feature with King Iso. I like the vibe the song brings, kind of makes you feel like a badass or something. The song has 8k plays so far and needs to get out there. I hope the playlist helps give it a couple more plays. 

Legato Shine, Jon Connor, Lil Vic – “Da Cypher”

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lyrically Rap volume without a track from Jon Connor. This time Jon is with the company on “Da Cypher”. Each artist brings top tier bars, and I believe they’re all from Flint. The song hasn’t done well in the algorithms, with 2k listens since July 20th. I’ll attribute that to low attention spans. 

Knox Hill, Locksmith – “Over It”

Knox Hill is another new name to the playlist, but he’s joined with a GOAT in Locksmith. “Over it” Another great song that hasn’t got enough listens. It’s almost 5k listens. Knox Hill also has a good amount of listeners at 89k, putting them up on the second tier in terms of listening numbers. 

Heretic Klick, Gawne – “The Beat”

Its good seeing Gawne name more often on releases. Heretic Klick is another new name to the list and a group that I don’t think I’ve heard before. The song is dope though. I like the beat. The song has 5k plays just over the weekend. They also have around 90k listeners, good numbers for tier 2 and someone we haven’t heard much. 

Dizzy Wright – “My Mind Keep Telling Me”

Dizzy puts out another chill ass song. He’s known for these types of vibes for sure. According to Spotify the song was released last month, but just appeared on my release radar last friday. Its still got 51k plays so far. 

Jehry Robinson – “Weekend”

Jehry released another fun song over the weekend. Its got 2k listens so far but we’re hoping it’ll start catching fire after the weekend. My kindergarten son says he likes it and wanted everyone to know it gets his approval. Haha, it is a perfect summer song though.

Willie Faulk – “Goodbye”

The last two songs of this playlist volume, will bring a more serious theme. Willie Faulk gives out some hard to say words in his latest “Goodbye”. Willie Faulk is a hidden gem in the game and is building his fan base. Check him out and see if you like his style. 

Nite Owl – “Tell Me Why”

We rap up this volume with St. Louis’ own, Nite Owl. This song has some deep issues discussed, some things that need to be said. It has the customary feel of a Nite Owl song, a blend of old school with beautiful vocals from Gypsy Brow. Nite Owl has 25k monthly listeners, with songs that have reached 500k plays. 

That’s it for the list, thank you for reading. I think it was a bad ass list with some great releases. Let us know what you think and who we missed!


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