Buggie Bars Drops New Video For “Follow Me” Featuring Michael Emcee

https://youtu.be/4mFxYrM7nzY Buggie Ft. Michael Emcee "Follow Me" If you're fans of ours here at Lyrically Rap you should know by now that we hold this artist in high regard. Buggie constantly drops that fire and this video is no different. Buggie went back to his family's roots in the country to shoot this banger. If... Continue Reading →

Riddy K: Emerging Lyrical Gem

I love getting my mind right and finding new music to vibe out to. In fact, that's most of what I do here at LyricallyRap. Rough gig right? Recently I had the pleasure of coming across an artist named Riddy K and could not stop listening. His voice and delivery are perfect for his flow.... Continue Reading →

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