The Truth Staten & Lil Dee release a fire new rap single “Not Like Me”

I wanted to show some love to the young homie Lil Dee on his latest release with The Truth Staten on “Not Like Me”. We covered Lil Dee over the summer, randomly finding him over Instagram. Dee was a young prodigy at the age of 12. He’s 16 now, maybe even 17 at this point. His voice grown now, but this young man still that prodigy.

I hadn’t heard of The Truth Staten before this. Truth brought Lil Dee to collab on the track “Not Like Me”. Truth and Dee both sound similar. They have a strong New York vibe going on. Similar cadences, similar flows. Honestly, it was hard to tell them apart on my first listen, until I heard Dee come in on the second set, that I was like “Yeah, there’s Dee.”

I like the collab, and I like how the young ones out in the New York are keeping to the spirit of the past New York greats. In the single, Lil Dee really sticks out to me with his ability to adjust his flow, and then jump back on the original sound. I like what I’m hearing from The Truth too, so I went and checked out his Spotify library.

Listening through his latest album “The Badfellas”, I’m liking what I hear. The album is a collab between The Truth Staten and Frank B, and its full of some good songs with the same New York sound. From initial glance, it looks like Truth and Frank B work a lot together. I’ll have to look more into them. Got them on follow, so I’ll be looking forward to what they have to release.


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