We’re Back! Coverage of New Hip Hop Albums from Mark Battles & Jon Connor

It’s been a few months since we’ve posted on the site, and since then some things happened. Three months ago, I decided to take a step back from the Lyrically Rap blog and social media accounts. I was going through some things at the time. I was feeling like an imposter, like someone who didn’t belong in the rap culture. We were so focused on social media growth, and getting more clicks and grow the brand, that I lost focus of what we were really doing here at Lyrically Rap. I was digging for new gossip stories, sharing stuff that was dramatic. I was trying to copy what other sites were doing, and in doing so, the social grind took over and it just wasn’t fun anymore. Social Media was affecting my mental health.

That all changed yesterday after reading a great comment from one of our dudes, lyrical rapper Nite Owl. He reminded me that we did help a lot of the underground artists in our space. It reminded me that we are appreciated and that our initial goal to help Lyrically Rap be heard again. Today, I decided to come back. I missed writing and missed creating the graphics to go along with my posts. I missed talking to some of our favorites hip hop artists, staying engaged in their daily lives. My focus now is just to have fun.

I’m back, and I hope this run is more conducive to my mental health then the last go round. I’m not going to be as concerned about our follower count or our readers clicks to the website. We have a good group of fans and artists that have supported us up to this point, and I’m happy with that. If we grow, that’s great. If we don’t, whatever, I just want to continue to have fun with this and show love to the artists we like in the Lyrical rap genre. No more drama, click baiting post!

If you still with us and reading this post, I just want to say thank you for being there. Your support and comments mean a lot to us and keep us going. We may not be posting regularly as much, but we plan to stay involved and continue this Lyrically Rap blog if we can. Your thoughts mean a lot to us, and if you have any ideas or things you’d like to see, just let us know.

In this article, I wanted to cover two albums that have released since I’ve been gone. Mark Battles’ “Metaphorically Speaking” and Jon Connor’s “Delirium”.

Mark Battles latest album “Metaphorically Speaking”

Stream Mark Battles | Listen to Metaphorically Speaking playlist online for  free on SoundCloud

It’s a little late for us to cover the release of Mark Battles’ album “Metaphorically Speaking”, but better late than never. It was the last album I listened to before I decided to step back. I had planned to write a story at the time of releases, but like stated above, some shit went down. Mark Battles is the king of hip hop in our home state of Indiana, and we want to promote him as much as possible. Indiana is a hard state for the game, the market just isn’t there, but Battles has forged ahead and made a name for himself in national spotlight.

Hopefully, you’ve already had the chance to listen through the album. If you haven’t, you need to get on it. “Metaphorically Speaking” of course has a lot of Mark Battles signature flow, but the messaging within the songs really sticks out for me. We’ve been talking back and forth with Battles for about a year now, and he’s always been cool to us, but we felt we never really got to know the real Battles. Through messages, Mark seems like a very guarded person, so it was hard to see through the cracks. This latest album allows us to break through and really get to know the person behind the music.

Battles’ lays out his life, a bare all kind of album. He speaks about his challenges, his family, and goals for future. The track “Lost” is one of my favorites on the entire album. If you really want to know what Battles is going through, listen to this song.

The production value of the album really sticks out to me as well. Every song has a dope connected to it, and they slap hard. There’s a lot producers on the album according to Spotify’s credits. Some of the names are: J. Cuse, Counted by Chris, Beretta, Joey French & there’s even a track produced by Warren G!

“Metaphorically Speaking” is full of bangers so get ready to be blown away!

Jon Connor’s “Best in the World: Delirium” Album

Best In The World: Delirium Mixtape by Jon Connor

Jon Connor also released an album while I’ve been away, “Delirium” over SoundCloud. I don’t think this album is an official release from Connor, as he’s stated that’s its just a taste before SOS 2 comes out. That’s probably why he only released on SoundCloud.

Jon has been a huge inspiration to us ever since we started this blog. The dude just portrays positivity and motivation on his social feeds daily. So much so that I’ve often wanted to reach out to him and ask how he stays so levelheaded and positive in a world that is fueled by negativity.

In his music, he gives other artists a true look into the hip hop music industry and tries to help other artists make the right moves. He’s trying to lift others up, an idea that was totally alien back when he was trying to enter the hip hop scene. Back then, it was everyone for themselves. Where today, everyone is working together, and we’re seeing all those awesome collabs coming. It’s been great for us fans.

If you follow Jon Connor on Instagram, you know he loves Professional Wrestling. He even seems to have some close relationship with professional wrestlers from Flint. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually saw Connor in the WWE throwing down Powerbombs, but luckily for us fans he’s still releasing music. Anyhow, his love for wrestling really crosses over in this latest album, especially with the repetition of “I am the best in the world at what I do” on every track. Its very clear just be listening to him rap, that he is one of the greatest.

Even if “Delirium” isn’t the official album coming out, its still great. Its full of remixes, dope beats, and Connor’s words of wisdom. There really isn’t too many artists out there that can hold a flame to Jon Connor’s flow and wordsmithing. Dude is the real deal. But on a last thought, what do you think he wrestling name should be?


It feels good to be writing again and hopefully I can continue promoting the artists we love here at Lyrically Rap. Mark Battles and Jon Connor’s are two of the largest artists we follow, and I really wanted to come back and have something on the site for them. I hope you enjoy the albums and the article. Look forward to more soon! Let’s continue having fun with it.


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