Royce Da 5’9″ Says He is Tired of Rapping

Tonight, I caught the notification that Royce da 5’9” was going live on Instagram. I usually catch the notification hours late, but tonight I was lucky enough to catch it. Rapping since 1995, Royce is one the best lyricist in the rap game. Royce has worked with some of the industry’s best, appearing on Eminem’s first album, D12, Slaughterhouse. 26 years is a long time in the game, and tonight Royce said he just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Royce opened his Live looking slightly somber. He was chatting with the fans a little while trying to figure out his phone. A lot of the fans were asking about new music, worried that “The Allegory” was the last album.

“No, I haven’t been rapping.” Royce paused for a minute, “A little bit. I’m tired of rapping.” It was kind of sudden and a lowkey comment. He didn’t address what he said, but instead brought a friend online to talk with him.

“I’m tired of rapping”

Royce da 5’9″ on Instagram Live

They went on to talk about how lit the old days used to be. How Wu-Tang and the southern area rappers started the pre-social media movement of gaining followers and not needing record labels. Sampling and creating beats was mentioned, and then they laughed about how weird Clubhouse was.

They talked about all that, but the only thing on my mind was, Royce just said he was tired of rapping. That really mean he isn’t going to rap again. Is he really not going to say anything else about that?

Luckily, Royce’s friend caught the comment too, and made light of it as he was trying to leave the conversation.

“What are you going to do? Stay on here and tell everyone how you’re leaving rap for the next three hours?”

It was a light joke, but a serious tone passed over Royce’s face. It was easy to tell that Royce was dealing with some shit. He said something along these lines, “Man, I’m just tired of rapping.” He paused and looked off screen, “you know, unless someone comes up in here and reminds me why we did this shit. Remind me when it was fun.”

Royce mentioned Covid played a large part in his sour mood. He hasn’t been on tour and probably hasn’t been working with his friends as much lately. Covid is supposed to lead to some serious mental issues out there, and this shit has gotten me down for sure. I hope Royce finds his muse again. Like they were talking about, rap is ageless. We haven’t had an 80 year old rapper yet, but one day people will go watch Em or Royce if they still spitting.

Its mental awareness month. Shits not a joke. If you are having some downs and need to talk, reach out to a friend, family, hell reach out to us. We’ll respond. Just remember it gets better.


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