Album Spotlight: “Buggin’ Out” from Hip Hop/R&B artist Buggie is fun and a little steamy

Its high time we featured Buggie’s first EP on the site. “Buggin’ Out” has been out a couple weeks now, and after listening through it for probably the seventh time, I can still say its as fun and catchy as it was last week. Buggie gives an energetic journey that combines the sounds of hip hop and R&B. There’s kind of story there, or at least I’m about to create a story from the release.

I’ll have links to each song on the EP, I’d suggest listening through them as you read along. Its probably going to get stupid after this point, but enjoy as we examine the life of rapper, Buggie Bars.

Buggin’ Out

Starring Buggie Bars

Sit back and listen up, I’m about to break down the (completely made up in my head) story of Buggie Bars, the young baller North of the Border. This is a story of love, growth, and some other motivational life message, but mainly it’s the story of how Buggie Bars gonna take yo’ girl with his Will Smith vibe.

The Intro

Buggie comes onto the scene strong. Confident as hell. He knows he hot, and he’s going to make the best impression, busting through the Rap Office, saying this that fire. Buggie works hard to get to this place, doubling his presence, and the confidence shines through.

Now You Know

The fame is coming, Buggie can taste it. He feeling fly as shit as his social media be popping off, new releases coming up. That good feeling is there and Buggie feeling bigger than the world. It ain’t perfect everywhere though, and some stuff going down with the lady. Its that story often heard.


Buggie done made it now. He got “The Game” on the phone, hanging out with the people in the know out in Hollywood. He still throwing that fire. He spittin’ with Jarren Benton. He got fan favorites lined up. Life is Great. It isn’t always that great though.

Figure It out

Everything is great. Everything was going so well, but something was still missing. Home was calling, and a certain honey been heavy on the heart. Buggie been on the ‘gram texting his old sweet thing, but she ain’t having it. He’s still out in Hollywood acting like an asshole, but he knows he’s messed up. He’s has to remember what it was all about in the first place, and heads back out to Detroit.

Want You

Buggie flying back home. He excited. He hasn’t felt this well since he left. This that song that makes the unspeakables tingle. He sees his honey again and he lays down the game. He straight up spits every line he has to swing the heart strings. Damn sure it work, cause hell who can’t get sweaty listening to this. This going be that radio hit.

Come Thru

Buggie happy. He’s back with his lady and he’s really found a great way to manage his love for his girl and for the music. This that newly wed phase, the pink cloud, this that happy ending that we all looking for. A feeling of success and accomplishment while also having those who love you around you.

It Goes On

And it just goes on and on after that. The life of Buggie Bars, the musical phenom who’s had his own up and downs but found his confidence and meaning. Camera out, with the dope ass vibe and some smoke rolling in.

The End

But wait, shameless plug time

Yeah, I told you it was about to get stupid, but hey, maybe its just another fun way to tell the story of an album release. Better then just saying every song is dope right? If you want me to make a story out of your album, hit us up.

I also wanted to take a minute and have a shameless plug. You probably already know, but if you don’t, Buggie’s allowed me to create the cover art for his first EP, “Buggin’ Out”. Being a fan first, its probably one of the coolest things ever. So, I just wanted to say thank you to Buggie for allowing us to be apart of his album, and for becoming a close friend of ours. Buggie’s is just a cool ass dude. Hope you all like his work.


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