Best Sway in the Morning Freestyles

Sway Calloway has been a fixture in the hip hop culture for a very long time now. His magnificent body of work was recently recognized as he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Since he teamed up with Eminem and Shade 45 to host “Sway in the Morning” we’ve seen and heard many, many legendary artists freestyle. These are all about the lyrics! Here are a few of our favorites.

Straight up two of the greatest of all time!

Two absolute legends graced the studio to perform on Sway in the Morning. How could you go wrong with Method Man and Black Thought?! They always bring the bars!!

Logic in his realm!

“Crazy how your idols can become your brethren” raps logic in this dope one! Well Logic, you’re the idol now! Straight lyrics right here!


So much raw, real emotion. This very freestyle is what turned me on to Token. Dude is an amazingly talented lyricist no doubt! The way he can change his flow effortlessly is truly something to be in awe of!

Webby is one of the hottest in the game right now, for good reason! Dude can spit some sick lyrics! Watch out you “wack rappers”

Brother Ali kills the Five Fingers of Death!

BARS from Childish Gambino! Dudes insane with the wordplay!

NYC’s legendary artist Papoose absolutely destroys the Five Fingers of Death! This dude is definitely a goat in the NYC hip hop scene.

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