Lyrically Rap Feature: Versvs. Taking Over the Lyrical Mainstage!

Monday and Friday. Monday generally sucks, but Monday is the day Spotify updates my “Discover Weekly” playlist. That list throws gold my way every now and then. It’s something to look forward too. Friday is the day for new releases in the music industry. That’s at least how Spotify likes to play. “Your Release Radar” updates on Fridays.

Most Friday’s, I’m looking over the new list, sampling each song like I’m some sort of music executive or something. There has been a lot of good lyrical hip hop music released lately. Honestly, I am optimistic about the landscape of rap today. Maybe it’s just because Lyrical Rap is all I listen to lately, but the message is strong out there! There’s plenty of talent to be found.

Versvs & Royce Da 5’9″ – “Enough For You”

Versvs Newest Release. Dropped today! (8/14/2020)

This week I was lucky enough to hear the new release from Versvs & Royce Da 5’9” “Enough for You”. The song is great. It’s a lyrical masterpiece. Of course, Royce’s name on any song is going to carry it’s own weight. Versvs holds his own though. There’s a reason why Crooked, Royce, Futuristic, Eazy Mac, Gawne, just to name a few, have worked with Versvs. He’s really, really good.

Out of Calgary, Canada, Versvs has been recording for three years. I get a theme of challenge and proving one’s worth in a lot of Versvs song. He has worked hard, and he is willing to work with others. He’s actually the first Instagram blue check to give us a full interview. Thank you for that, Versvs!

Versvs & King Los – “Been Doing This”

We all have our challenges, for us it’s finding the right words to explain how awesome an album is, connecting with artists and readers alike, feeling like we’re doing something positive.

I could imagine the challenges an artist faces would be something that weighs heavier than most of us could handle. There’s always reward though, a real sense of happiness that comes from helping others. I asked Versvs what some his biggest challenges were, and where he found his successes.

“It’s definitely always a challenge to establish your name in the hip hop community and overcome the hate/envy that surges, especially on a local level. But I try to stay grounded and focused on my main objective; I care so much about lyricism and the hip hop culture in general, and I am doing my best to contribute to it. Some of my greatest achievements include collaborating with artists that I have looked up to my whole life; Royce, Crooked, King Los. It’s a dream come true to work with them and create great music together.”

Versvs via Instagram

Versvs & Futuristic – “Hate”

While browsing Versvs on Youtube, I noticed a trend of comments. Fans were making the connection with who he’s worked with. Some people who are very close to Eminem. They were asking if a song with Eminem was next? So, I asked the question.

We all have end game goals right?

Versvs – “Bank Account (Remix)”

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