Discover Willie Faulk: Nashville’s Hidden Lyrical Gem

“Do what you love, and don’t let the hate stop you. I want people to listen to my music and be inspired to follow their own dreams. I don’t think my music has a specific demographic. I think anybody could listen and understand my love and passion for this. I try to be positive and say real things, things I go through. I have a different back ground than your typical hip hop artist, but that doesn’t put any pressure on me to write about things I have no business writing about. I think that being real is all you can be, and people will always see the truth.”

Willie Faulk

Now that’s an artist we can get behind! We recently had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know the man behind the message. Let’s meet…

Willie Faulk

Dale Ferrell better known as “Willie Faulk” is an amazing lyricist rapping out of Nashville, TN. Willie was raised in Columbus, MS before later relocating to The Volunteer State. There is a heavy dirty south influence to his music, and this dude is as lyrical as they come. Willie takes the time to craft his music in his own unique way while always respecting the culture of hip hop.

“It’s quite the story, but I’m originally from Columbus, MS. Around 12 years of age my family moved to Pigeon Forge, TN. I spent my teens in the mountains and fell in love with Rocky Top. I’d say my childhood was difficult. There was domestic violence, court, and fear of just being a kid. Luckily I had siblings to look after and it helped me grow up quickly. I used music as an outlet for my troubles, as any artist does. It was always an escape for me to grab a pad and pen and just go to work. Living half my life in Mississippi the other half in Tennessee, I’ve been able to get a bigger, broader perspective on life and along with that comes more experiences. This has helped me create the music that you hear today.”

Wilie Faulk

Willie has been making music for over 15 years and has been consistently putting out great music, but still does not get the recognition he deserves. I believe this is an unacceptable tragedy. Willie is one of the hardest working, and dedicated artists I’ve come across. I’ve interviewed quite a few artists at this point but there’s only a handful that display the amazing work ethic and commitment that it takes to hone his or her craft. Willie is in this category 100 percent. He does all of this while working his ass off and taking care of his family who are his biggest supporters.

“I work night shift at FedEx Freight in Nashville, TN. In today’s world, streams just don’t pay the bills for me. At least not yet. I’m currently working towards multiple sources of income that would free up my time to really focus solely on music.

My biggest supporter is hands down my fiancé. We are getting married in October! She has been there when I’ve doubted myself, which is often. She’s been there for the big moments and everything in between. It’s so important that you surround yourself with people who see your vision. It’s not always as many as you would have thought or hoped for, which makes the ones who are there that much more special.

They love that I continue to follow my passion.

My father is most supportive. We actually did an album together when I was 18 and it was the most bonding time we’ve ever had in my life. It was a special project. I think he is happy that I have chosen to feed the music in me rather than bury it.

Willie Faulk

Willie has a love and passion for making his own unique style of hip hop. The way Willie mixes many different styles is something to behold. We talked for a while on why he chooses to make the music that he does.

“At first it started out as an outlet. Just something to help me get away. As I started studying the culture, I started to form my own style and a love for lyrics. I was fascinated by Ludacris’ punch lines and humor, by T.I. with his swagger and confidence, Twista’s tongue twisting bars, Wayne, Em. My catalog filled up with east coast artists top to bottom. It wasn’t until later that i devolved a preference for NAS, Jay Z, Biggie, PAC. etc. I knew I wanted to be lyrical because of all these cats.

I did 4 mix tapes in high school, but when I got to college on a baseball scholarship I found myself in my dorm writing more than outside on the field. My love for baseball was replaced by music and I haven’t been able to stop since. If you do music for the wrong reasons you are in for a lifetime of heartbreak. Sometimes I get lost in what I want to happen and lose focus on what I’ve been able to create. It’s a constant battle for me but if nothing else this music has always been a staple.

So where does Willie go from here?

“My number one goal is to have consistent shows that will pay my bills and give me all the financial freedom I need. I want to make every event with my kids and not work for somebody else. I want to be able to say my love for music helps me live comfortably and be the best man, husband, and father I can be.”

Well if his latest release is any indication, this man is well on his way to achieving those goals. His new joint with Daniel AMP is a great song and if he keeps putting out music like this the sky is the limit for this dope artist.

So this is where you come in Lyrically Rap Fam! Go check out Willie on all these major platforms by clicking below and give him a follow and listen to and like his music and videos so we can help this dope and extremely genuine artist get to where he needs to be. On top of the lyrical rap game!

As Always, Peace, Love, and Hip Hop Fam!


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