Follow Lyrically Rap’s Spotify Playlist: 296 hip hop songs and updated weekly

We’ve been compiling a playlist over at Spotify for the past seven months. Its just another way we’re trying to help promote our favorite sounds. Successful playlist are a huge way to get artist in front of the public. Help us support the artists, and put the songs on shuffle. If you like what you hear, give the playlist a follow. We’ll try not to disapoint.

As of today, Februaray 27th 2021, the Lyrically Rap playlist has 296 lyrical rap songs, which span over 17 hours and 17 minutes. We suggest putting it on shuffle.

Latest Lyrical Rap Additions

King Charles FNYK – Just Rappin’

King Charles FNYK reached out to us on Instagram today. We get a few messages to review songs, a lot of the music may not be down our vein, but King Charles sound instantly connected with me. He’s dope as hell, with an original sound. Be on a look out for a #hiddengem feature on this dude.

Dougie & Keatz Weber – Ridin

We heard about Dougie, by means of another dope underground artist we follow, Craig Pace (@Pureverb). They’ll be linking up with No Sleep Beatz & AC Baez to form the new rap group “North of the Border” Click to follow their Facebook page.

This song came across my “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. The song may be a couple years old, but I hadn’t heard these guys yet, and the song is dope as hell. Check out “The Siege”, you will not be disapointed!

Lyrically Rap Spotify Playlist

Those are just a few of our latest adds, as well as many, many other songs. Check them out below, and please don’t forget to follow the playlist in Spotify!


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