King Iso – Lyrical Rap Mainstay – Deep Message and Uncontested Flow

King Iso is a talented lyricist with an endless portfolio of quality music. An emerging mainstay in the lyrical rap game. Since 2013, King Iso has delivered some awesome hits, each displaying his written wisdom and production quality. King Iso has gone by a few names; Reali-T, Iso, and King Iso, but the quality has always been the same.

King Iso – World War Me was released in March 2020

You have probably heard of him already, but if you haven’t, you really need to listen to King Iso. Lyrically Rap is all about promoting quality lyrical rap music, and Iso releases some of the best tracks. King Iso’s latest full-length album, “World War Me”, released in March 2020. It’s a work of art. Produced by Strange Music, and features collaborations with Tech N9ne and others from the label.

King Iso was a military kid. According to the song, “World War Me”, his mother was a veteran. He had never met his dad.

Yeah, mama was a veteran and so hood
Never met my daddy and I won’t look
Since a kid I been a rebel, used to bicker with the Devil
Writin’ lyrics ’bout the ghetto, with my notebook
I would babysit my brother while I blow kush
Sitting in the Caprice Chevy whipping like a coke jug

“World War Me” – King Iso

 He was introduced to rap through his stepdad and started writing rhymes at 13. Pulling inspiration from Bone Thugs and the west coast scene. He began running with a gang, eventually spending time in jail. Homelessness, low on cash, King Iso found a groove, found something at least, and got his music out on the scene.

There is a little bit of drama between him and lyrical rapper Twisted Insane. Money and tour conflicts, the common issues that break up musical groups. Due to all that, King Iso eventually signed with Strange Music. One of the top labels in the underground rap scene. Tech N9ne’s label.

It was Tech N9ne that searched out King Iso, and the addition to Strange Music’s stable has been stellar. Here is a verse from their latest release together, “Requiem”. King Iso flow is insane.

Sorry mama I don’t mean to contradict the kinda hits
But I been like konami grippin’ choppers on some Contra shit
I set precedents and I don’t wanna politic
So I’ma get to duckin’ convos about what Donald did
But I got a vendetta, I’m anonymous
Every opposite, down low weird, now synonymous

“Requiem” – King Iso

Living in the Midwest, we find ourselves ducking all kinds of Trump conversations, but we’re not going to go politicking.

There is a common theme in a lot of King Iso’s music. As if the title of his latest album doesn’t spell it out clearly, “World War Me”. King Iso struggles with his own inner demons. It’s like he’s mad at himself, perhaps for some of the actions of his past. He likes to play the part of the banging rapper and past gangster. There’s a glimmer of a mask there.

That’s not him completely. I think he has a solid morale compass, but at some point, found himself on the wrong side of the tracks. Once over there, it’s always hard to come back. Serenity to him in his battle against himself. We’ve been there.

In his most popular song on Spotify, “Jim Carrey”, he mentions his struggles in a deep, strong song.

Is it true we embody what we do
Can somebody help me through
‘Cause I’m truthfully losing it probably, I don’t know
But I don’t want to do nothing no more
Used to be everything but now I know I’m nothing no more

“Jim Carrey” – King Iso

Perpetual peer pressure made me personified
Picture painted by supremacy in which I’m not obliged
Plato said I’m taught to identify but do not define
The only black sheep in the group like shepherds stop the line

“Jim Carrey” – King Iso

Trial and Tribulations are prevalent in King Iso’s life. He is at war with himself. I think he’s winning. From our eyes, of course he’s winning. Successful rap artist, fame, story. That’s not everything. In the end of the day, its those closest to us, and the health of our mind.

Without his own father in his life, Iso strives to be the father he never knew.

Ironic how the deep end depends on if we even splash
I’m drowning out the screams
My brain relives a scenic past
The system stems from separating seeds like when the weed is trash
I tend to CBD’s
Joint custody we think we have
Wipe my tears with my forearm
You probably think you’ve seen me dab
But you’re my biggest drug
One actually that I need to have
Without you I will relapse
Son I know I may seem detached just know your dad is working
I punch the clock with even jabs until my hands are hurting

“Weakend Dad” – King Iso

Every day is a battle. We hope you find the happiness we all deserve, King Iso. Thanks for allowing us to see into your life through your music. Please continue to release those quality lyrical raps!


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