Buggie Going International – Opens with Bars on Track with Эскимос Crew

If you’ve been reading our blog, you probably know Buggie is another one of our favorite Independent Lyrical Rappers. We consider Buggie, the dope Lyricist from Canada, a friend and hope to watch his musical career continue to grow.

Buggie was approached by Russian rap group Эскимос Crew to spit some bars on their latest album release, Igloo. The track titled “Crash Test” features Buggie rapping about language barriers. We spoke to him about the inspiration to his verse.

Music is a language in itself that we all spoke fluently.

Buggie via Instagram

Buggie told Lyrically Rap that the Rap group sent him over three tracks, and they sounded dope. The beats matched his style, which is usually upbeat, uplifting type sound. So he wrote the verse for “Crash Test” over his lunch break.

I’ll mention here that Buggie be working way too much. You all need to listen to his music a lot more so we can get this guy a break. We’ll just goad him for more music afterwards.

He asked himself, “What do I rap about in a song I can’t understand a word?” He’s used that as his motivation, language barriers. “Music is a language in itself that we all spoke fluently.”

For those interested. I did translate the Russian part of the song. Here is the complete Lyrics in English to Crash Test.

Now I don’t speak Russian but I’ll kill this beat
I’ma beast from Canada bringin the heat
It’s a scene dismantle ya, job is complete
It’s a beam of the balance when I carry the team
See I ain’t never been but shouts out Russia
I bring my combustion to bring a concussion
Leave they minds gushing, they want a discussion
Eskimo crew got a gun and they bustin
Now I don’t speak Russian but the common denominator and the compensator
Is the music that be the populator and the commentator
I flow like it’s an oscillator, I’m the operator
They mimic on a regular but I ain’t got a Dobbleganger
See it’s probably the planned nature, a planned failure
Life is so rough like sand paper, a bland flavor
But I’m the one who the fans favour, the man labour
Music is a language, ain’t no need for a translator

Wiggle plug, muddy DRAP
Dibs on me, then find the treasure (cache)
Everyone on the block wants to soar
They do not want to catch, because they have nothing to take(broken boy)
Everything that was there forget it’s in the past
Watch tick tock, everything has become more expensive
Time is running out, but with years younger
I look fresh, thank you my God
I can’t figure out what’s wrong?
If you don’t need problems (Hey)
All these Biff, cheap schemes
One ring and you’re on your knees
We are going to the goal,I kicked all the left
Confusing and intoxicating snakes
Bitch I px on someone’s ideas Young, Flashy, I’m fast as the first (snow) Bitch this is a new season (e) I smoke aerophon (swag) 6 zeros ,lemonade, trails (splash) I mow the lawn and you’re Brooke (fake) Velvet first from the freezer The degree of elite, on the faces of smiles Glare in the pupils, eyes on the back of the head (360) The night passes, changing grins Our block is like a Guf hundred lines Royal smoke bro, our block is Detroit (e) F* K us your trope, funny to all
Faces to the floor when my gang is here
All my cards on the table, bluff
They confuse me with a shithead, laughter
Don’t remember good these rappers (e )
They just need my new verse
Everyone in my family hates rap
Even people in high heels laugh at me
Where did you beat when you were at the bottom
100 likes on the track because I’m not there.
Create a new thread, you are far away
Your rap career was ruined by me*edron
On the faces of smiles degree in a bottle
Write call and send postcards
I’m forever, I’m spinning in Kalis
Greetings to all of you
Eskimo gang is like a knife protest
The whole rap game is like a dark forest
Bitch this is a new season (e)
I smoke aerophon (swag)
6 zeros ,lemonade, trails (splash)
Mowing the lawn and you’re Brock (fake)

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