Emerging Artist Spotlight: Black Magic

It sounds like Pennsylvania has an Emerging and Amazing hip hop scene! I’m finding new artists from that area all the time and they are Dope! Although this artist is originally from New Jersey he now calls PA home so here’s a spotlight on one of those artists, Black Magic.

Black Magic has kept his name since middle school and has been grinding ever since. He originally wanted to be a producer but later fell in love with the lyrical side of the game

I actually wanted to be a producer and loved beats, then came across Just Blaze and the Heatmakerz who at the time was a big supporter of Dipset. I finally wanted to know rappers behind those beats and fell in love with a group of guys at that time who were around my age and it took off from there.

Black Magic

He credits a set of dope artists as his inspiration and what made him want to jump on the hip hop scene.

Artists that made me want to get in the game were J.R Writer Talib Kweli, Lloyd Banks, Carter 2 Lil Wayne. Camron is my favorite artist Redman and method man

Black Magic

He is being produced by some talented people and genuinely seems to have some good people on his team.

My original producer was @Giovanni Miranda and we did everything, we just didn’t know the business side. To get to record with one of their producers, to now my producer and good friend jay, who bends over backwards to make sure the team and also his family is good at the same time. I can’t thank him or the team enough for what they have done for me in and out of the studio

Black Magic

That’s respect right there!

The message I want for my fans is that I keep it true and can be able to relate to at least one picture that I had painted in the booth, and to my sons to be able to hear their dad long after I’m gone, It can be there way to talk to me ,and to inspire and be a role model and a guy the team can come to ,out side of the studio about any issue.

Black Magic

This dude gonna blow up if he keeps working the same way that he has for years now.

With social media now ,a lot more artists would have blown up back then, but that was the era you had to work to get scene. did a JR Writer mixtapes called, “Unsigned hype,” and got the acceptance call while I was working a part time job at UPS. Its been go time ever since. I’ve met and became friends with a lot of dope people from the world of music and can’t be more grateful and shout out to “lyricallyRap” for taking the time to see the talent in me and other artist and giving them a platform to speak on the game and share their input and outlook on the hip hop and music community.

Black Magic

Thanks my guy, we’re happy to help spread the lyrical rap movement and get this amazing music out to as many people as possible so they can see the love of it that we have.

Make sure ya’ll stay tuned to Black Magic and watch him come up in the game. Ill be watching this dude, that’s for sure! Check him out on Facebook or on Indie National Entertainment’s Facebook or YouTube Channel and follow this dude’s career.

As always check us out on all our social media platforms for more great content from LyricallyRap.


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